War Cry


The Greek god of war, Ares, was the inspiration for our fight brand. Ares was a superior warrior on the battle field, crushing any obstacle in his way. He did not back down from any challenge regardless of the predicted outcome. This is the quality that we want to instill in those who become a Product of Ares; a superior force that does not fold under any pressure.

Christos Lolis the CEO of P.O.A is an amateur fighter from Queens, New York, with ancestral roots in Greece. His experience ranges in a wide variety of the fighting arts, training out of Hidden Fist Mixed Martial Arts Academy. His mission is to inspire not only fighters, but individuals from all walks of life to pursue their goals regardless of consequences. Without a fight, there cannot be progress.

Ryan Ahmed is the COO of P.O.A. As a high-school student currently, he is bringing a side of innovation to the company by empowering student engagement through research and marketing opportunities at our company.